Feeling Gloomy.

Slow down, ya move too fast. You've gotta make the morning last.
I  started off feeling great today. It rained ALL day including all of Thor's wrath and I spent most of it just catching up on paperwork & blogs and biding time. The rain stopped just as I walked out to get my bus to work. Everything is going just ducky.
But when I arrived at the station NONE of the trains were moving. Sure it was a little windy but certainly not enough to stop ALL of the trains, I thought. 3 hours later, we finally got the lowdown that the trains will be moving sometime after 6:00. By that time, 4/5ths of my lessons were over (dispersed amongst my co-workers...more money for them ZERO for me) and the remainder was a final lesson with a student who I'd been teaching for almost 3 years. But I gave up and caught the bus home, just in time for Star Trek, it was the one with the 3 three glowing receptacles that take over Spock, Kirk & Diane Muldaur...it made up for my previously wasted and costly afternoon. Fortunately, that lesson has been postponed to next year so I can bid farewell to her.

So actually, not so gloomy after all, but here are some pics of a Gloomy Christmas. I wish I could UFO catch them all, but I don't have the spare cash to try, especially after losing another day's pay today!

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