Alien Assembly!

I actually filmed this last night, but couldn't upload it onto YouTube for some reason. It took forever thus I left it overnight to do so...it never did. Tonight it uploaded within 20 minutes.

This is another in a series of extremely lame things I do to occupy my time. It's fairly self-explanatory, see how far you can get through the video before you get too bored.

Here are a few photos of the results of my efforts. As you can see, I still don't have the little bugger in one piece. He's armless, tailless and headless!

Much of the reason I'm unable to fit slot A into slot B is my incredibly weak upper arm capacity. The other day, I lost an arm wrestling match to one of my colleagues (granted, the guy is about 30 years younger than me and I'm guessing he gets more use out of his right arm than me.) Here are a couple of the other staff members in full-on Wrestlemania!


The Frog Queen said...

Not boring at all! Nice to see you in action!


Michael Jones said...

If you weren't bored, I'd say you don't get out much. Then I look at the Necropolis and I know you do. Glad you liked it.


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