Ripley: Believe It Or Not.

I'm running out of material for my unofficial Alien week so I thought I'd showcase Ripley who may not be the first female action hero, but she is the best. These Kubricks were rather expensive so I only got the one and though Ripley is cool, the others are certainly cooler. As scammed from Wiki...in 2003, Ripley was selected by the American Film Institute as the eighth greatest hero in American cinema history on their 100 Years... 100 Heroes and Villains list. Entertainment Weekly called the character "one of the first female movie characters who isn't defined by the men around her, or by her relationship to them".

Alien Ripley was awesome: sexy, angry, nasty, and a tad stupid for going back for Jones.
Aliens Ripley was maternal, spunky, decisive and though contrived, her battle with the Queen was terrific.
Alien 3 Ripley was butch yet sexy and tough as nails.
Alien 4 Ripley did it for the paycheque.

I don't know who these two guys are or if they even belong to the Alien franchise, but they are kinda cute.

Who knows whether Ridley Scott will bring her back for the proposed Prequel. Last time I looked at his IMBD, there were two Alien prequels in production, now there is only something called Prometheus. We can only hope that it'll meet his usual standard of greatness. Heck, he can pit them against the cast of Robin Hood and I'll still go see it!


Lazarus Lupin said...

A nice tribute. I disagree about 4, it wasn't just for the paycheck. She did a good performance where she was trying to reconnect to something, either the aliens who haunted her or humanity that betrayed her.

Lazarus Lupin
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Anonymous said...

I'd like to add her leadership qualities, especially in Aliens when the s**t hits the fan and she's got to step up when Hudson turns into a whiner-baby and Burke morphs into the ultimate corporate sleazebag.

I think those two dudes you couldn't identify are from the very beginning of Aliens when they open Ripley's shuttle to find her alive- "There goes our salvage."

Michael Jones said...

Thanks for the insights. I rather enjoyed Ripley's moments in 4, I just found the Alien spawn to be revolting (and not in a good way.)
More Alien goodness to come...


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