Sugary Shorn Scrotum?

I appreciate a shorn scrotum as much as the next psychotic despot but even I draw the line at covering them with chocolate and selling them nude. Surprisingly they are rather yummy though. Who knew?

I haven't said much about KitKat lately, there have been a few new ones, most notably this Almond Bar and these overly delectable Cheese flavoured minis.

There has also been a new push on Sakura Saku (a term used when you give KitKats as good luck presents to students about to write their entrance exams). In the past, KK has offered premiums such as a pen or an eraser.

This time when one purchases two KitKat Kreations, you get one of two Clear files, although I've only seen this one. Check out some of these KitKat Kommercials for more details or watch this:

Just so you don't think I've forgotten about the plight of our long-armed friend, the Orangutan, it so happens that they've recently mapped the genome of the Sumantran Orangutan. Good thing too, because if Nestle keeps stripping them of their habitat, we may need to start cloning them.

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The Frog Queen said...

Love this blog because I am always learning new things....Sakura Saku - did not know. Now I do - cool!



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