Alien Erections!

Emily Litella: What's all this fuss I hear about Alien Erections? I mean if Aliens want to have erections, that's their business.
No, no. That's Alien Resurrection!
Oh, that's very different. Nevermind.

Contrary to what one might think, I quite like the movie. Whether she did it for the bucks or not, I do think Weaver put in a dandy performance as her own clone and it was difficult for her to shine amongst such a pristine cast. Who doesn't love Ron Perlman, Brad Dourif or any of the other slimy characters? Even Spock's mom was great adding some true emotion to an android. I can see why she was featured in the poster.

Surprisingly, though the Aliens were pretty kickass (barring the barfy hybrid), Japan's movie magazine only showed one! The rest of the pamphlet showcased the cast and filming. Take a peek...

The main disappointment for me was the Hybrid spawn at the end. It was such a letdown! Joss Whedon didn't have very nice things to say about the filming of his script. "It wasn't a question of doing everything differently, although they changed the ending; it was mostly a matter of doing everything wrong. They said the lines...mostly...but they said them all wrong. And they cast it wrong. And they designed it wrong. And they scored it wrong. They did everything wrong that they could possibly do."
Judge for yourself.

Say what you will about the movie, I do know that if I had a spare couple hundred bucks, I'd definitely start sporting some of this jewelry!

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