Mouse Wash.

Today was 福袋 (Fukubukuro)Day in Japan, an equivalent to Canada's Boxing Day or America's Black Thursday except with Mystery Bags! I fought the crowds last year and bought lots of crap, mainly because I had a lot of spare cash. This year I didn't have much to spare so I only wasted my money in a few places. Though I went through Yodobashi Camera, it was too much of a zoo to stick around. (I need a new dvd player & probably a new pc soon, this one keeps crapping out on me.)

I didn't bother going to the clothing shop or Ghibli store from last year, my first stop was a UFO Catch spot and I was expecting a bag full of junk and then you could choose a toy. I got a bag full of choco, chips and an odd little board game and I chose a Yu-Gi-Oh item that turned out to be a rather nifty t-shirt.

I was walking past Forus and they had a really big bag full of stuff from Village Vanguard. I knew I was in for a treat since there's is plenty of nerdy goodness within its walls. Unfortunately, I grabbed the bag from their street vendor and didn't bother going inside. If I had, I might have acquired a "Men's" bag for what I got is more suitable for the ladies. I may be able to salvage the cushion, but the eyebrow tweezers and makeup appliers will be regifted to my Homettes (female homeys). I'm not sure as to whom I should approach to give the バストアップ・ボリュームアップ・コラーゲン (bust-up/volume-up Colagen) implants!

My final stop was one of the Otaku/Cosplay stores and I bought a bag containing a OnePiece t-shirt, a pillow case and a few other items. One of the items is a pad of sticky notes with a S.A.C. quote, "I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes."

When I got home, I popped into the local drugstore, having avoided the several hundred on Klis Rd/Ichi-bancho. This was probably my best haul of soaps & shampoos and a bottle of マウスウォッシュ which is supposed to be Mouth Wash, but sounds like Mouse Wash!

Will I go again next year? Damn straight!

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