Carrying A Torch.

Alas, yet another Comic Hero has been snuffed like a Roman Candle. Johnny Storm the dimwitted yet lovable Human Torch has been killed off in another attempt to garner comic bucks from a gullible public. As Bully attests, it hasn't been the first time that the FF have pulled the old "kill off a member" trick.

I for one shall not be fooled, I fully expect him to return if not as a Human Torch, at least as a zombified one. I rather like this YouTube of his eminent return:

How will ゴームズ (Goumuzu=Reed Richards=Mr. Fantastic) 本名、リード・リチャーズ。グループのリーダー。天才的な科学者で、身体をゴムのように自在に引き伸ばすことができる。
ガンロック (GunRock=The Thing=Ben Grimm) 本名、ベン・グリム。ゴツゴツしたオレンジ色の岩のような身体を持ち、無類の頑丈さと怪力を持つ。無口でぶっきらぼうだが心優しい巨人。元空軍のテストパイロットの宇宙飛行士で、リード夫妻とは大学時代からの友人である。口には出さないが、自分の醜貌に深く悩んでいる。決め台詞は「ムッシュムラムラ!」。
and his sister
スージー(Suzy=Susan Richards=Invisible Girl) 本名、スーザン(スー)・リチャーズ。リードの妻。身体を透明化することができ、テレキネシスの他に透明なエネルギーシールドをつくることができる。チームのサブリーダー。フランクリンという一人息子がいる。
cope without ファイヤーボーイ(FireBoy=Johnny Storm=Human Torch) 本名、ジョニー・ストーム。スーザンの弟。全身を高熱の火炎で包み、両手から高熱火炎のファイア・ブラストを放つ。また、空を飛ぶこともできる。ガンロックとは良いケンカ友達。

I fully expect him to return and I wouldn't be surprised if he looked more like this...

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Anonymous said...

I just read it, and the lead-up issues. I don't think its any coincidence that comics usually kill off a hero during a run of bad writing(which is what this is) when the ideas run out and the writers get desperate. The most prominent example being the death of Superman- boy was that a crappy story!
What pissed me off most was that (spoiler alert) He sacrifices himself in the Negative Zone, holding off Annihilus' army alone, which is trying to invade earth through the portal in Reed's lab; so I'm thinking- `Hey, at least we can see that very rarest of Human Torch moves- his Supernova! Which he can't do on earth because he risks setting the atmosphere on fire but in the negative zone against a million snarling evil insects? Bring it on! A 2-page splash for sure and true hero's death!` err... nope. He's flamey and fires off a few flameballs and then they trample him. Supernova? nope. Going out in a blaze of glory taking as many enemies along with you as possible? Not really. Respect for ending an icon? Not that I saw. The Thing playing the part of Ben Affleck in Armaggedon and banging his head against the portal while crying and watching on helplessly? Uhh... Yes! We do have that! Readership numbers up? Oh Hell Yeah!


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