Eirian Vs. Puredetaa.

I think I've run out of Alien material for now, so I'll end my unofficial Alien retrospective with エイリアンVSプレデター. Surprisingly, I have absolutely NO Predator goodies so I'll just have to make due with the AVP pamphlet (picked up for a buck, it's worth more than the movie is.) It is a really classy package with tons of creature photos, production notes and again some cool jewelry at the end (I'd start taking up smoking if I could get a Predator Zippo.) I first saw this movie in Canada with Alex and he loathed it, I enjoyed the creatures and ignored the humans.

I never did see AVP Requiem, the completist in me is waiting to find it cheaply on DVD. Once I do, I'm sure I'll have something else to report about.

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