Bear the Force!

After taking my recyclables to the bin, I decided to pop into the 7-11 to see if they had any more Maul/Yoda Cup Noodle-lid-holder-down-thingamajigs and shore nuff they had a few more. As for the 3D Clear Files, there were only 4 left...unsurprisingly, all JarJar. I was ready to depart when I espied in the drink section a bevy of BearBricks bearing the Phantom Menace!

Since there are only 8, and they were being sold in drinks other than Pepsi, I picked up 2 sets worth.

You get both Darths: Maul and Vader, both robots: a naked C3PO and R2D2, a Battle Droid, JarJar, Yoda, and "Star Wars".

Isn't that JarJar the most hideous and amazing creature imaginable?
Wait a sec, a character called Star Wars! It's a Bearbrick covered with stars that is supposed to represent George Lucas' entire universe! AAAWESOME!

I wonder what odd concoctions I can find tomorrow!

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