The King Is Kong, Long Live The King.

The day before yesterday was the 78th anniversary of the premiere of King Kong. I was unable to locate a copy of the Movie Pamphlet for the original, but I did snag a copy of this classic:

I enjoyed the sequel to the original, Son of Kong, but I don't recall this scene.

Then there was the time that King Kong met the Thunderbirds:

Sometimes KK bites off more than he can chew.

I have fond memories of the Godzilla cartoon, though I've never seen this one, the opening is pretty nice (nice until the humans start speaking, that is.)

I watched this as a kid as part of the CBS Saturday Morning Cartoon lineup
and loved the theme song. The kid, I could do without. The Japanese theme song is far superior though. Choose for yourself...

Pink Kong is rather odd, don't you think?

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