Apart From Ape Art.

Ages ago I picked up a colouring book at an antique shop in Ueno that just screamed, "buy me", so I did. Surprisingly, though I may have shown the mask on the back cover in an earlier post, I have never showcased the interior.

Here for your enjoyment is the PLANET of the APES Picture Activity Album. It appears to have been published in 1974 which would be around the time of the tv show though the characters featured on the cover are from the original movie. I'll intersperse some Apish YouTubes to break up the monotony.

On the first and last page on cardboard are some charming cut outs (not unlike the ones seen here) so if you're going to print them out, you'll need some stronger paper.

The rest of the book is filled with puzzles and colouring pages, feel free to copy them for your amusement but don't sic any copyright coppers on me.

Finally, dig this Japanese ripoff! Terrific stuff!

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