Mid-March Madness!

I've been neglecting my public yet again and will do so again tonight. Thus just a quick linkage to several old posts & a few scammed pics instead of originality.

This pterasaur exhibit looks incredible. It's at the FDM (Fukui Dinosaur Museum: 福井市大手3丁目17番1号、3-17-1,Ohte,Fukui City,Fukui,JAPAN)
and if I can figure out how to get there, I will someday.

March 14th was of course White Day and I gave all my female colleagues and a few students some Hello Kitty or Stitch Marshmallows in honour of the holiday's original nomenclature, "Marshmallow Day".

Of course 3.14 is also the Pastry Holiday known as Pi Day, a day to wax algorithmically about circles and eat Pie.

March 15th is the date of JC's demise and "Beware the Ides of March" was a line I delivered in my Theatrical Debut in Grade 8 when we put on "Julius Caesar". I wanted to play Mark Anthony or Brutus but due to my petit stature was relegated to the role of "Soothsayer".
"Beware the Ides of March" (repeated twice).
Caesar than chimed in with, "You there, the Ides of March have come."
I replied, "Aye Caesar, but not gone..."
I only had three lines but it was Oscar-worthy material.

This date has a slightly less bloody holiday but is certainly far more bizarre! 豊年祭 (Hounen Matsuri) is a Phallic PhFestival that really has to be seen to believed! I'll see it one day. (If you click this link, you'll be intrigued but it's not entirely SFW unless you work in a Dildo Factory.)

We're up to March 16th today and it's nothing special except that I've started my annual St. Patrick's Day lessons in preparation for tomorrow!

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