Not a Bad Day After All.

A busy day at work, a few discussions about the anniversary (how were you affected then, what has changed now) yet absolutely NO recognition of a Moment of Silence. Ah well, ya can't win them all.

After work, I hoofed it over to Kotodai Park for the candlelight vigil just in time for it to end. But en route, if you looked up while walking along Klis Rd., you could see the ceiling lit up with projected art. Pretty sweet!

I met up with gal-pal Hitomi and we each scribbled a message on a cup to join the hundreds of candles that spell out "Arigatou"!

Furthermore, the building in the background spells out 絆 (Kizuna) which is 2011's "Kanji of the Year" and means "bond".

We wound our way back to Bivi and partook in some curry & Nan-Pizza at Namaskar.

During dinner, I gave Hitomi her long overdue Birthday/Valentine's present of some zoological chocolates. I snacked on the hippo while she indulged in a bit of gator. The gorilla enjoyed a sip of Ginger Ale.

Afterwards, posing as an old married couple to get the discount, we watched Hugo. A truly delightful movie and a wonderful way to end what could have been a dismal day.

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