Jimmy Olsen's Back!

As mentioned yesterday, I had misplaced my camera but fortunately it was discovered between the seats of the gentleman who drove me home (the seats of his van, not the seats of the gentleman).

Here for you then are some of the dishes that we consumed. (For privacy sake, I shant be showing photos of my students, however cute they might be.)

Sashimi and me blowing on a conch:

Some appetizing appetizers, the last one is dried burdock.

Some yakiniku and cold soba but I forgot to click a pick of the hoya (Sea Pineapple) which does nothing for me. I've scammed a photo for you.

We had more snacks at a nijikai at BeBes (mmm. Absynthe & Corona) and ended the night at a Ramen shop. I was stuffed to the gills by night's end.

Apart from being treated for the entire evening's ribaldry, I was given this TV converter! Woohoo!

Since every other person in Japan loves demonstrating their talents for photographing food, I occasionally fall into the same trap as well (to wit the above.)
Yet one thing that places me above (?) the rest is my proclivity for showing bizarre stuff as well. So here is a selection of shops that you can find all your shopping needs. Ghibli, NHK, Moomin, Bandai, Lego & Ultraman to name a few.

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