Noodlin' It.

Remember back here when I predicted an onslaught of Phantom Menace crap to be unleashed upon the nerdy public? I have since acquired two and 11/12s sets (missing a Darth Vader and stores seem to be sold out now) and am slowly quaffing the Pepsis down.

Well the fine folks who produce Cup Noodle have provided us with the first of our products. Buy two and land a totally awesome Maul or Yoda cup-lid holder-downer.

At the very same 7-11, if you buy a bunch of snacks, you receive a detailed 3D file folder featuring your favourite characters (and JarJar & baby-Anakin).

Oh yeah, they also had some fudgesicles with some pictures on them but no extra toys to go with them. I suppose you could use the sticks at light sabres if you wish.

There are one or two mail-in doodads that are always impossible to win but the Giant Panson Darth Maul or R2D2 would be sweet! Does anyone know of any other goodies out on the market right now? I'm curious if there'll be a Happy Setto but I doubt it (Pepsi vs. Coke, I guess.)

Ah well, there's always Pachinko!

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The Frog Queen said...

I so love those lid-holder-downer things!! What a great idea....and we need curry pot noodles in the US!!!



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