Converter Perverter.

I went out on the town with a handful of students to whom I teach business lessons and a good time was had by all. I took plenty of pictures of the meals we had (typical night out: restaurant & food, bar & food and finally a Ramen shop for food). Alas, I cannot find my camera so it either fell out of my pocket in "the Buncho" or it's fallen behind a seat in my designated driver's van. I managed to leave my knapsack in his car and he pedalled through wet snow to deliver it to me this evening. What a trooper!

Anyway, since it was my last lesson with them all, they bought me a much-needed TV Converter for my decade-old but fully functional Sony. Most of Japan switched from Analog to Digital last year yet Miyagi had been given an extra 13 months to adapt thanks to our triple whammy last year. For the last month, there's been a big warning across my screen, you have only 20 days to convert, 19, 18...I have but 7 days remaining.

Now I only have to figure out how to attach it!

In completely unrelated news, the 2012 Anime Fair is this weekend, I sure wish I could go!

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