Faith and Begorrah*.

Another St. Patrick's Weekend has come and gone and last night a pretty good time was had by all. It certainly made up for last year when everyone stayed home huddled under their blankets with neither power nor gas! Once again, I spent the evening at the Ha'Penny Bridge, quaffed several pints of Guinness, sang a couple of out of tunes and pinched a few people who weren't wearing green (and maybe a few who were.)

Hey, Ha'Penny needs to update the site I linked to above. That guy doesn't work their anymore!

This guy does:

Here are some photos of the entertainers that I met last night.

A couple of pals:

And of course several gals:

That last picture features a couple of Canucks from my neck of the woods in Brampton. The woman lives just a few blocks from my home! IaSWAA!

I've also included some wacky St. Pats' pics scammed from around the web. These incredibly awesome cartoons are by the incredibly talented
Para Abnormal creator and a few random others:

The first & last toons are my favourites!

*Has anyone ever heard anyone ever utter the phrase, "Faith and Begorrah"?

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