Cocos Channel.

Last Sunday, I ventured out to Izumi to dine in splendour with Alex & his family. His daughter is getting more precocious and snarky (in a good way) and his son is developing his own little ego, Freud would be so proud. We ate at Cocos and the 3 kids all got lovely Doraemon bibs.

The little figure you see Seita playing with is a Toy Story 3 strap currently on sale with a CC Lemon Zero. (Surely you don't think I'd give away such a cool item without accumulating a set for myself, do you?)

Speaking of Doraemon, he has an Animal Adventure, ドラえもん のび太と奇跡の島 ~アニマル アドベンチャー~, where he hooks up with a prehistoric gang!

The fine folks at McDonalds have a Happi Setto devoted to the movie and I have Doraemon deliberating with a Dodo and strattling a Sabretooth.

I prefer to get my Happi Settos on the weekend for they often have a little extra tidbit such as these 100 stickers or this fridge magnet.

Good meal, good fun, good goodies!

Here's an added bonus, Buzzed Lightyear!

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