Ante Merida

メリダとおそろしの森 or Merida to osoroshi no mori (once again it takes a one word English title, Brave, and makes it really long in Japanese, see also UP) will be finally released here next week and from what I hear, it's pretty good!

Doesn't seem quite the same without the Scottish accents though, does it?

A while ago, I picked up a pair of advanced tickets to this movie (mainly so I could get the cute little strap) and afterwards I realized that it probably won't be shown in Sendai in English (Scottish). Even though it stars an AKB48 star as the voice of Merida, it will miss some of the broguish nature of the language. Looks like a trip to Tokyo is in order in a few weeks...

Yesterday while wandering past my favourite Capsule store, I expied some Brave items. I've been dealing with this guy for a decade, so he doesn't mind cracking open the Capsule dispenser and grabbing me a full set. It really cuts down on my doubles! If you're so inclined to check him out, he's located next to a Ramen shop in a little alleyway across from the McDs on Ichibancho. Check out マルフジG for all your Capsule needs. Gatcha!

I acquired Merida & her horse, her parents and a trio of comic relief bear cubs.

So I have two tickets. Who wants to go with me?
ps. Bonus points if you can figure out this post's title.

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