It's Gotta be Summer.

Today topped 30℃ and it was hot enough to boil a monkey's bum! Furthermore, it's Friday the 13th and though I'm no Triskaidekaphobe, I wouldn't be surprised if it has some bearing on my current condition. I'm currently generating enough nose mucus to drown a demon. You may think it's funny but it 'snot it's not. 

I popped into the Pharmacy to get some meds and picked up something recommended. I asked about Contact C and which one was non-drowsy, then 5 minutes later she came back with a package that was a little cheaper and presumably better. When I got home, I discovered that it's some odd powder. I don't know whether I should dilute it in cold water, hot water, beer or snort it. Sigh.

Not being a dog owner, I had no reason to enter the pet-food aisle but I was there buying something else and came across some Tweets treats. I especially like Sylvester hungrily looking at some puppies...

It makes want to go get a dog just so I can buy some of these!

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