Otaku Attacku.

Apologies for being incommunicado for a week; no excuses, just laziness & business/busy-ness. I have 6/8ths of the Spider-Man happi settos, still missing a couple of watches. The kitchenware seems to have been very popular and the shelves are becoming depleted. Pictures later. I've added a few other Spidey goods and once again, pictures later.

Last night en route home, I discovered a store that I thought had disappeared. It's called "Mandai" and it's on Route 6 in Natori. Its previous location was devastated in the tsunami and though the walls are still standing (with some kick-ass murals), I thought it was gone forever. Fortunately for the nerds of the world, it has resurfaced but it's unfortunate for my pocketbook.

I picked up a few items and I'll sift through them in greater detail later. I picked up a sweet Nightmare carry-on bag for 10 bucks, a bag of Star Wars Pepsi Cap Heads and a bag of Disney crap for a few bucks (hopefully I'll need a few of these) and a few miscellaneous Godzilla figures. I managed to walk out of there for under 30 bucks but now that I've had my appetite whetted, expect there to be more excursions there.

Dopey me wasted several bucks in an attempt to win an amphibian. Not sure what species it is but I attempted to UFO Catch this creature. No luck. Maybe I'll just go out and buy one. Nah!

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