Well the Spider-Man Happi Setto is finished only to be replaced by a Pikachu Picnic set. Here is the final tally of my acquired Spidey-Swag.
3 bowls, 2 plates, 2 mugs and 1 bento box.

Of the watches, I managed to snag 2 each of the littluns and 4 red-strapped ones but NO blue-strapped one. Not that I'll ever consider wearing them, but if anyone has a blue-strapped one, the completist in me is itching for it!

The weekend giveaways include a set of stickers and a mini-magnet. Not too shabby.

I suspect that that's it for any future Spider-Mania, for starting tomorrow, the Dark Knight is in town and hopefully we'll see a surge of Batmania! Surprisingly, DKR is only a week later than the rest of the world, still 3 more weeks until Avengers! Bat-review tomorrow!

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Perogyo said...

Quite the haul! That looks like a great bento, too bad there were so few of them.


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