Dark Knight Risible.

Oh dopey me went to work 4 hours early (misread a schedule, I actually had the morning off) so I drove out to nearby Minami-Soma on a lark. It was a pretty dull little journey so I decided to spice it up with a fact-finding mission. Wandering through the Conbinis and a Supermarket, I sought any Bat-goods in honour of the new flick tonight. NADA!

I managed to get a couple of Olympic pouches, a Praying Mantis, some Kitty/Chopper magnets and a Kung Fu Dugong/ Chopper plate though.

Speaking of Dugongs, check out what happens on an alternate Earth when Superheroes develop in another species. I especially like Wonder Womanatee and Supermanatee.

I also found a funky little museum but still NO Bat-crap!

Those tadpoles are HUGE!
Disappointed, I trekked over to Yodabashi Camera and no little funky figures or candies or straps! Just a few high-end collectibles that'll break upon first use.

I'm off to the cinema now to watch the movie. Hopefully there'll be some Bat-swag to keep me happy!

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