More Super-heroics.

First up is a Spider-Man figure that I won at UFO Catcher. I'm a little rusty so it took my five tries to win it but it was worth it.

Btw, any one who needs a new Norton Security update can get a freebie Spidey with it!

Spider-Man came early for Japan (could the name SONY have anything to do with that?) but we still await The Avengers and Dark Knight Rising. I saw a couple of posters in the middle of the Arcade for Batman and wondered what they were doing there. It was outside of a an Optical Shop, Meganeichiba, which had pairs of Bat-specs for sale. I'd consider it but at 18900¥ a pop, it's a little rich for my blood.

I would like to see the following Super-Heroine get her own movie! Any takers?

Happy Birthday to Canada today! 145 years young, hey you don't look over a century, ya cutie!

Here is Canada's very own William Shatner expressing his patriotism:

And here he's sharing his own unique way of singing the National Anthem!

Happy Dominion Canada Day!!

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MFJ said...

So it appears there's a big Spiderman launch in Japan too. It's all over the place here. The merchandizing is relentless.


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