Bane There, Done That.

On Friday I saw "The Best Comic Book Movie Ever"! I may revise that when we finally get to see The Avengers in a few weeks, but for now, I'll stand by my declaration. Go click on ダーク ナイト ラインジング or The Dark Knight Rises to see a message by Christopher Nolan about the massacre in Aurora. But I didn't let that catastrophe deter me from enjoying the movie. No spoilers whatsoever (unless you call designating it  "The Best Comic Book Movie Ever" a spoiler), my friends and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and when I go to Tokyo in a few weeks, hopefully I'll see it again in IMAX.

Alas, there was no special cup or popcorn for it so I was forced to buy a Pikachu Popcorn instead. I also got Spidey-cup for Alex and a skinny Spider-Man Pez dispenser for myself.

Not as much cool swag as with Spidey but I got a few items. Such as a binder with 10 pages of Bat-paper.

The first 3 photos at the top of this entry are from a clear files set that I got and I picked up another file as well only to realize upon returning home that it is recycled from Batman Begins!

I also picked up a beach towel in case I get to go to a beach this summer.

But the coolest item I acquired was put to use the following day when I helped out at my former employer's Summer Festival. I was in charge of the "Lucky Draw" room and I managed to strike fear in the hearts of the  younguns when I donned my Bat-Mask!

I'll show off the movie pamphlet.tomorrow!

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