Could it be...Seita?

I tried the horrible tasting powder yesterday and lo & behold it worked wonders and I was fit to perform a wedding ceremony this morning. I had my huskiest voice ever (I was channelling Marlene Deitrich) but I managed to get trough it without sneezing, snorting or coughing!

 iphone...The new bible!

Afterwards I booted over to Alex's place for the 2nd birthday party of his youngest, Seita. He's is REALLY into cars and construction vehicles and I gave him a few coffee-top CATs that he quite enjoyed. He also got a Dragonquest Pillow (meh reaction), a couple of colouring books (Spidey & X-Men) and a Kanegon-coin bank.

This is nothing in comparison to the transportation devices he received from his immediate family! Man, his car is nicer than mine!

The old adage, "You can't wear your cake and eat it too." does not apply to Seita!

I have another wedding tomorrow so I'm going to go to bed early. Maybe I can channel Louis Armstrong!

Btw, I had an opportunity to wear my Gomora shirt today! Woohoo!

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