Radar Sense.

I thought I'd run out of recent Spider-paraphernalia, but nope. I received my ETC card (used for gaining easy access to the Highway)  yesterday and had to pop in to Yellow Hat Auto Services to get it activated. While waiting for them to do their magic, I wandered around the showroom looking for some potential swag to pimp my ride further.

What should I espy but a "Radar Detector" sponsored by none other than Our Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man! It certainly looked legit though I assumed that they were not entirely legal in this country. I guess I'm wrong. Pretty cool looking but about a hundred bucks more expensive than similar items. Good marketing ploy though...Spidey does have his "Radar Sense" to predict danger and a cop with a Radar gun fits that bill.

I don't think I'll get one just yet until I ask around.

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