Hero Worship.

A manga compilation on the shelf caught my eye thanks to the Spidery cover. I was hoping for a Spidey-story but alas there is naught but a couple of pages talking about the flick.

For some reason, the mag also highlights one of the coolest stories (it's the Battle of the Century, don't ya know) even though I'm not so sure what it has to do with.the recent movie.

There is a feature about "Hero-Mask" and several other tales (including the obligatory girl's shower scene) but otherwise it's a rather lackluster pulp effort.

I picked up the first few Happi Setto and I got 3 bowls, a mug and a watch. Thank goodness, they offer "Sweet corn" as a substitute for fries otherwise I'd have had no nutritional intake whatsoever today!

I UFO caught a truly awesome goodie today but I'll save that for you tomorrow...

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