I popped into Yodobashi Camera with the hopes of landing my final Spider-Wafer-Card but they had never heard of it. (Stupid website.) Therefore, I just wandered the aisles of the toy section. I espied a few DC/Hot Wheel Cars and it makes me wonder why exactly does Flash need a car?

Anyway, disappointed by the lack of cookies, I didn't want the trip to be a total loss, so I picked up a pair of  Bearbricks, Series 24. I never expected to acquire the Batman yet I thought that the "Felix the Cat" looked pretty nice. The first one I opened made me groan, for it was a "Gossip Bear". I have never seen the show nor do I have any desire to ever do so, but I must say I like the Bear.

So I opened the other one and, lo and behold, it was in fact BatBear! Sweet!

Did you know that Bearbricks are incredibly dangerous? If the box warning is anything to go by, I'm surprised that an owner survives their purchase. First, a fairly standard Caveat:
Warning: *Choking Hazard *Small parts. Not for children under 3.
Adult collectible. Not a toy. Recommended for age 15 & up.

Then it gets a bit more intense. Written in both Japanese and surprisingly perfect English is the following:

*This product is for ages 15 & up. Please read these instructions before you open this product. *The packing materials within this package serve only as protection for the product within. Please be careful not to cut your hands with such materials when you open it. We recommend you dispose of it once it has been opened. *There may be extremely small, sharp product parts included within this package. Please handle it with due care to avoid swallowing of, or getting injured by such product parts. Also, please be careful not to get your fingers pinched by joints of product parts. Please keep out of the reach of children younger than 15 years old. *Please do not throw or swing around the product. such rough playing might cause injury. *In order to avoid deformation, please do not place the product at unstable position, near heater, or any room with high temperature.

Whoa, what kind of lawsuits do this company expect? there is a further Notice:

*All the MEDICOM TOY products are studied by own Research & Development section continuously in order to keep the best quality. This may cause minor deviation within product depends on its production time. *The outer package is just a protection against damage. We can not replace this package even if it is damaged. *Illustration shown on package is prototype. It may differ from actual product. *Product may need some process to be completed. *Due to its characteristic, the product may not be able to maintain a posture as shown on its package, and does not stand by itself.
*Please note the notices above in advance.

Damn, I wish I'd paid more attention before opening these up!

If you've beared with me this long, here's a snapshot of the "Ring Cushion" from this morning's wedding that I presided over. Lovely couple. Though a tad on the tacky side, I feel.

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Perogyo said...

Vicious little things those Bearbricks!

Have you ever seen a ring pillow that wasn't over-the-top? My brother was a ringbearer in 1984, and not only did he have a tail, but my mom had to make the ring pillow and was given 24 metres of lace ribbon to do it with. She used every last inch.


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