Attack On Avengers!

As predicted, the Attack on Titans/ Avengers crossover is pretty damn awesome! It's been all over the nerdy media though I'm not too sure how well it's been promoted amongst the Titans' Otaku folowing. It premiered in a mag called "Brutus" which is more of fashion/what's going on/food type mag and it is unusual to have any manga within. Especially when it is written and drawn in Comic Book style and IN ENGLISH!

Nice thing about this is that there are no Marvel vs. Fox restraints so Spider-Man has no problem chilling with the Avengers and guess who shows up at the end...
Here are a few random panels for your perusal.

My biggest complaint? It's only 8 pages long. Looks like it'll be serialized in the magazine for the next few issues. Oh well, I've spent 680yen on worse things than this.

This particular issue has a lot of background on Titans (in Japanese, natch) including a look at each issue, some storyboards for the upcoming movie, and some stickers!

Even better is a look at some of the classic paintings that influenced the artwork in Titans. Does this Goya painting look at all familiar?

To start off my weekend right, I went to the Cinema yesterday (Equalizer--pretty good movie, a tad overlong and violent but well done. Sabotage: Arnold's best movie since T2.) and posed for a few pics.

Between movies, I had some time to kill so I went to a nearby 2nd Story (Used goods) and found an Attack on Polo Shirt, unworn, for only 3 bucks. Sweet!

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