A Daruma Drama.

I just came back from a crazy collaborative movie between Takashi Miike and Sota Fukushi called 
神さまの言うとおり translated from the manga, "As the Gods Will" or "As Gods Say",  (the wiki page is Kami-sama no Iu Toori but it doesn't have much info so go to the official website at Daruma-san). 

I thought it would be a happy-go-lucky movie about a killer Daruma but it is so much more than that! You can see some stills from the movie and a trailer here or just watch this.

Just looking around the apartment, I could film much of this movie myself. I happen to have a Daruma on my windowsill, yet I'm still awaiting for my wish to come true. In the movie, he plays a rather gruesome version of Red Light - Green Light!

For a slightly naughty yet SFW version of this game, see this. It is NOT just about jiggly bikini gals, stick through to the end.

It also has a Maneki-Neko that I use to hang my keys upon, though in the movie, it's a little more menacing when it gobbles up mice.

 There's a Ring-around-the-Rosie type guessing game with some lobotomizing Kokeshi.

And a nasty game of Truth or Dare with a Shiro-Kuma (Polar bear). Hmm, that bear doesn't look very white...

Finally there's a Hide and Seek/Kick the Can game featuring some Russian Nesting Dolls. I don't happen to have any from Russia though I do have Godzilla and friends.

This movie was a lot of fun even if I didn't understand about half of it, and the ending is very perplexing, probably a set up for a sequel.

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