Attack On Sneakers!

Best UFO Catcher grab yet!

A pair of Attack on Titan sneakers! It cost me several tries but it's still far cheaper than buying them. There were only two sizes, 24 and 27, and I won a 24 which is just a tad too small. Fortunately the guy switched them for a 27.

They'll go nicely with this mantle/raincoat/slicker/poncho that I'd won a few days before. (Except that I don't plan on wearing those running shoes in the rain. They're just too darned nice.)

I'll wear them when I go incognito and blow up the parliament buildings, being November 5th and all that.

Added bonus, some more kids' pics of Halloween. Quite the menagerie we have here.

This kid apparently took umbrage that I didn't give candies out to my 1000-plus students.

Sheesh, what d'ya want? I gave everyone a sticker!

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