Which Witch Is Which?

From the archives, mainly some drawings of Halloween by my grade 5s that I hadn't shown before. I had them in a drawer with the intention of marking them and discovered them unmarked on Friday. Yay.
First up, lots of witches and their familiars.

That last one is my favouritest picture ever!

As you can imagine, those were done by the gals in the class, this is what the boys came up with.

 As you may have surmised, the kid who drew the above wanted to dress as a zombie for Trick or Treating.
This last one is incredibly creepy. I love it!

In other news, on my way to night of pubbing with Alex, I found a box full of mannequin parts on the curb ready to be picked up by the garbage collectors. Well, I collected an arm for myself.

We were getting along fine...
 But I guess I got a little too fresh...
 All was forgiven.
 Note she was missing a baby finger, my conclusion is that her pinky was removed as part of a Yakuza initiation. The proprietor at BBs, where we drank our absinthe, made the same remark.
After I had my fun with her, I discarded her in a bush. Not sure why I didn't keep her, but she was becoming a real handful.

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