Duck Amuck.

En route home from a wedding out in the sticks, I decided to take a detour to Lake Izunuma (or is it Lake Uchinuma?) and go duck hunting. Hunting with a camera, that is. (Ah, according to this map, it definitely was Izunuma.)
By the way, I realize that I'm being redundant by referring to the lakes as Lake Izunuma which translates as Lake Izu Lake. Bear with me, it's just easier. From here on, I'll hyphenate them.

I saw a patch of dead lotus and wasn't sure if this was the lake or not. You could barely see the lake for the dead lotuses.

 Reminds me of a fractal.
 A little bit of colour at the roadside.

I drove further along and espied a dozen swans basking in the sun. I parked the car nearby and walked to a closer vantage point.

Off in the distance, in what looks like a swarm of insects, is in fact a huge flock of ducks flying haphazardly.

Then they got closer and I snapped off a few shots. There were hundreds of the little quackers!

I'll try and manage to get a video of them before they attaaaackkkkkkk....

Whew, that was close, I managed to survive the onslaught.

I drove around until I came to the smaller Lake Uchi-numa.
Some little kid saved me the trouble of buying a bag of oats for the fowl.

 Dead lotus.

For lunch, I popped into a little diner and had some Edith Piaf* ebi-pilaf.


There is a large bird sanctuary over at Lake Izu-numa but it seemed to be under construction so I didn't go. I did go to this mini-sanctuary though and there were lots of bugs on pins. Obviously insects don't rate the sanctuary status.

Speaking of bugs, I was lucky enough to find a Mothra larva to replace the one that died a few years back!

As for the title of this entry, here's a snippet of "Duck Amuck" for our duck aficionados:

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