Eighth Erniversary!

Yay, Ernies has been open for 8 full years now (except for a few weeks here and there for vacations or whatever.) Kudos to the main man for surviving in the cutthroat world of Kokubuncho!

Boy, he sure cleans up nice.

Since it was a "dress smart" affair, I decided to wear my new Titan shoes, my ant-bowtie and a hat. I looked like a nerdy version of Professor Henry Jones (Indy's dad.)

In lieu of a gift, I dropped 2000 yen UFO catching some items to give away to the first 10 people who came into the joint.

 The menagerie.
 These were the most popular items and first to go. Three racehorses (I thought they were hippos, my friend thought they were donkeys) from Midori no Makibao, a popular anime and pachinko/slot series.

 A couple of Olafs.
 A Peter Rabbit and a pig(?).
 The ubiquitous symbol of Sendai. Date Masamune with an onigiri head.
 UFO Jenga!
 This gal simply adored her Makibao. She was staring at it all night long, Squeee!

 Another pair of happy recipients.
Wait, that's not a pig! It's a chubby alpaca named Al Pacasso!

Mine was easier to catch than that!

Anyway, the Al Pacassos were the last item to be picked up and I had to leave early so I don't know who got them!

Thanks to DJ Mokugohan who once again spun the tunes and I got to dance along to one of his mashups.

Congrats to Ernies! Happy eighth Erniversary!
If anyone is about tonight, part 2 of his weekend celebration continues.

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