Gamera Invades Sendai!

Last night's shindig dug its fair share of shins. (Not sure what that means.) Throughout the course of the evening, we probably had 120 people and a good time was had by all. Big up to DJ Mokugohan for spinning the ghastly tunes and to Ernie for letting us parade around in his joint. Bigger up to all the guests who showed up wearing costumes and even to those who didn't.

I tried to get a photo of everyone and if I missed you, send me some of your extras. I'm going to do this mostly in order as the evening progressed.

First up DJ Mokugohan as a hippie StarLord.

The birthday girl boy, KenKen received many drinks and gifts, some of them nsfw.
 A co-worker, whose name I won't reveal to protect the innocent.
Mario and Luigi. Luigi's mustache is just adorable.
Kaiju in the House!
 Hmm. The intention of that green hat was to cover up the white hair. Oh well.

I had very few people guess what character I am supposed to be. (The decline of the education system, I fear.)  Many guessed Godzilla, but I also got Bowser. Bowser would fit right in with these two.

A couple of the decorations, 90% of which belong to me but have joined Ernie's storage bin.

 A cute Kiki along with her pet, Jiji.
Steve and Mike looking both effete and ghoulish. They snuck out for an hour and went to the Hub. Splitters!
 My co-worker suddenly sprouted a some wolfish teeth! Cool!
 Speaking of co-workers, Pocahontas showed up hoping for some prize money but, alas, the choosing of the best costume was a few hours away.
 Her friend didn't quite cut it as Indiana for me, so I'm going to dub him Jake Cutter from Tales of the Gold Monkey.

On second thought, the hats don't match so well. Thus I'll grant him Indy.
 Speaking of wolves, this former co-worker was dressed up as The Big Bad Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood after he had consumed Grannie and Red.
Upon arrival, I greeted him as the cowardly lion. Upon further inspection, I must admit that he looks more lupine than leonine.

Johan made a special guest appearance and came in full costume as Gilderoy Lockhart (Harry Potter.)
 The Cat in the Hat showed up with both Thing 1 and Thing 2.
Cats and more Wolves!

What many did not realize is there was a reason for the spike knapsack that I lugged around on my back all night. Within were innumerable treats that were given out to all the guests.

A zombie pirate, a guy with a knife through the head, and Luffy.

 Luffy makes a cameo as Gamera shows off his tremendous costume.

 Aren't dolphins endangered enough? They shouldn't be smoking as well.
 By the time the prizes for first and second place costume were given out, most of the good ones had departed. Therefore this guy took the prize.
 I humbly came in second and won a bottle of Sparkling Wine  Champagne, yeah, that's the ticket.
The man without whom any of this wouldn't be possible, Ernie, dress as an in-joke.

Gamera still had some candy left over so he wandered over to Liga and gave out some more.

 And a few more candies so over to Dragon Diner where I met a former Seiwa student.

 And then upstairs from there to Shaft. The guy at the door wanted a thousand but I told him I'm only there to deliver candies. He let me in and I had enough for everyone and three left over.

This guy bought me a beer and Gamera went home a happy man! I hope the cabbie enjoys his candies...

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