Do the Ooki Pocky!

Once again 11/11 has rolled around and so I can write about Pocky Day once again. I dug out my giant Pocky and batted a few rowdy kids on the head with it today (which of course makes them rowdier.)

It's about a metre long (therefore 大き Ooki or large), so I thought of creating a dance with it today similar to the Hokey Pokey, perhaps using it as a limbo bar or something. But the Grade One kids were rambunctious enough today without riling them up further.

I gave each of the teachers a Pocky today during the staff meeting, much to their surprise. (C'mon, they were a buck off due to a Halloween sale.)

 After that, I made a little sign on my desk.

The principal pointed out to us that today is also Salmon Day since the second part of the kanji for 鮭 (sake or salmon) is an 11over an 11.

By coincidence, I just watched this segment of John Oliver that is rather apropos.

I also referred to today as Dog Day and a few of the Grade One kids got the gag before the teacher did.
The sound of dogs barking in Japanese is ワンワン (Wan-wan), so One-One/ One-One or 1-1/1-1 is appropriate.

Of course, my fellow Canadians will know this poem very well.
Happy Remembrance Day to one and all.

Here are some poppies that I came across in a park last June.

Lest we forget.

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