Creepy Kaiju Cosplay.

The nice thing about Cosplay is that it is a year-round affair and not just relegated to fancy dress at Halloween. (Or in other words, this is a left-over post from Countdown to Halloween that I never got around to.)

Here Godzilla is cosplaying as his American counterpart, Zilla.

Gloomy (the Naughty Grizzly) likes to dress up too. This time as his favourite kaiju, Godzilla.

And as his favourite Kaiju bad guy, King Ghiddorah.

The battle wages between King Gloomdorah and Gloomzilla!

I'm not sure who Gloomy is trying to portray here, perhaps a two-eyed Cyclops?

And finally Ghastly Gloomy the Ghost!

You may want to turn the volume down on this and skip to the 22 second mark if you'd like to see some Gloomy fashion on the walkway.

A colleague took a few more pictures of me in my Gamera guise.

Send me your Kaiju Cosplay costume pics!

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