Last Of The Halloween Pics.

Now that American Thanksgiving is here, I think I can give up on my Halloween posts and concentrate on Christmas chaos. Nah...just one more. These 5th Graders had a week to do their pics so there's a lot more colour involved. I'll start with the gals' and then work on the guys' masterpieces.

 I like how she mixes the Katakana and English for the word Zombie.
 You'll never see this graveyard at Disneyworld.
 A couple of Trick or Treaters.

 I thought I'd give a close up of her characters and their descriptions.

 I love a gal who likes to practice her spelling.

More Trick or Treaters.

Damn these gals can draw well.

A few of those may have been drawn by boys but I doubt it. This one definitely was. I wonder how many times he had to sharpen his pencil...

 I'm not sure if this Jack o' Dragon has been dissected and laid out on a table or what.
 Another candidate for the school counsellor.
Is that Leslie Nielsen from Dracula Dead and Loving it?

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