And the Moment You've All Been Waiting For...

A review of last Friday's Echophonyk event... JLoop started off at 9:00 with a rollicking set, and even had 10-15 attentive listeners/ party-goers. Most of them left as soon as Kojima came on (they came back later) but he brought his own following and played one of his best sets to date. (Of course he usually plays at 3:00am and I rarely get to hear him.) DJ Dita hippity-hopped and kept the dance floor hopping, leading into a very funky set by our Guest of Honour, Mark Saito. Alas, during the Farewell blurb, there were some technical mishaps which led to a clearing of the dance floor. But Mokugohan shortly brought them back bopping and his set was a lively endeavour. (Unfortunately, I wasn't one of the boppers, I was too busy chatting up a hobbit-details later.) Mixture did exactly what his DJ name entails and mixed it up with a few of his standards and a groovy rendition of some new tunes. I finally got to hear a set by DJ Tono who started at 3:00-closing and really enjoyed it (details later.)

All totalled there were about 80 people who got totalled. People left and returned and it seemed like more than 80 but everyone seemed happy. Me especially...

The details...There was this one woman who was so tiny that she came up to my chest. And if you know how short I am, you can imagine her height. I did check to see if she had fur on her feet...a sure sign of being an escapee from Jackson-ville (or Middle Earth.) She spoke nary a speck of English, so my Japanese ability was pressed to the limit, but we had a good chat, and may meet in the future. On the other hand, we may not, for when she was conversing with her friends, I got dragged (screaming and kicking of course) onto the dance floor by a slender vixen. She then proceeded to gyrate sensually, including wrapping her legs around one of mine and snogging me intently. I fell victim to her charms and began to become enamoured of her Siren call, when she whispered in my ear, "I love you, I need you, Bye-Bye!" She then bit my lower lip, left and enwrapped herself around another unsuspecting foreigner. Like a whirlwind, she moved from gaijin to gaijin, but to MY credit, she always came back to me. Ever willing to be a pawn, I yet again enjoyed her company (and again and again!) Just as I was starting to get some feeling back into my lower lip, she bit my upper lip and almost drew blood. She then left with her best friend's husband who took her home and poured her into her apartment. 'Twas a very bizarre (but not unpleasant) experience, to say the least. She left her blouse behind and we couldn't find it, so I took her number in case it showed up and I could return it to her.

She called me the following evening at 2:00am, but I missed the call and, to date, I haven't returned it. I'm all for being a pawn, but I'd like to be promoted, not sacrificed!

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