It's a Small World After All.

While Mark & Yuko were fighting the Red Tape at the US Embassy again, I got to leisurely sleep in and take my time. I decided to go to the Tokyo Metro Museum in Ueno and I got there around 11:30. I was torn between the "Prado" exhibit or the "Rodin" exhibit and since the lineup was a long one, I thought I'd email Marcus to see if they'd be interested in some culture. I got to the ticket booth and had not yet heard from them, when who should I espy at the end of the line but Dear Mark & Yuko. I got our 3 tickets and we revelled in the grand coincidence of it all (okay, it was a tentative plan, made 2 days ago, but nothing was written in stone.)

Very cool exhibit, especially if you like your women on the Rubinesque side. There were also paintings of El Greco ,Goya and a whole lot of Spaniard painters I'd never heard of. I even learned a thing or two from our resident ex-painter Mark.

Back to Harajuku to Fujimama's for chicken stirfry on Saffron rice. Met up with some pals of Mark's at the Exotica Cafe (a family restaurant, no less) in Naka-Meguro and then to JyoJyo Izakaya restaurant (03-5721-7313) for Tuna gills, からあげ karage chicken, beef tongue, chicken stew with demiglace & garlic toast, chicken belly, etc. I had to leave early to meet up with some friends in Kawasaki, but this place is definitely recommended for savoury flavoury favours.

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