What Really Happened with "My Dirty Nurse".

DJ Mokugohan and I had dinner at Bueno Bueno and then sauntered to the event around 8:00. We heard a very ethereal sounding band called "sheep herd", consisting of 2 guys, and some very "Twin Peaks-esque" music. The audience stood there like deer trapped in headlights, staring at the duo. I liked them.

Next up was a 5-member girl band called "Nude Crasher", with a very loud Joan Jettish lead singer (and a cute drummer) and I could really only tolerate 3 songs before I went outside for fresh air. The audience had regained some momentum and were now politely nodding their heads to the music.

Now it's time for My Dirty Nurse, which consisted of 3 guitars and Alex playing some electronic DJ-equipment. (If I sound vague, it's because I don't know my woofers from a hole in the ground.) Very esoteric stuff with a sound that I can't really put into words. Very weird yet fascinating; very loud yet soothing. The bass player couldn't really keep up though and the female guitarist was off in her own little world. (I guess it's cool for INDIE ROCK BANDS to turn one's back to the audience. Or maybe they didn't want anyone to see that they don't know the chords.) Only FK could synch with Alex's rhythms and they may become a duet in the future. The audience crept back into full-on ZOMBIE mode and stared off into space, not really knowing how to react. When it was over, were Jason and I not there to applaud, they would still be there, glaring into the netherworld. I asked the opinion of a few onlookers later and they replied, "Wakanai" (わかない means I didn't understand.) MY DIRTY NURSE have a very unique sound and once they find the proper audience, will become very popular.

The other two bands kind of sucked and aren't worth commenting about, so I won't.

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