Spaaaace Ghoooooooooost!

A true pioneer comic artist by the name of Alex Toth died on May 27th at the age of 77. Amongst other creations, he was responsible for Space Ghost, Jonny Quest and Super Friends and there isn't a comic artist around who doesn't quote him as an influence. "Big Deal!" you may say. Well, his Japanese connection is a Japanese-American by the name of Iwao Takamoto who helped co-create much of the Hanna-Barbera animation of the 60s. I grew up with these toons in the 60's and one of the reasons I'm so warped today, is thanks to them.

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Fumie said...


you are a strange yet very funny man!! love reading your blog by the way -- great way to stay connected. will start my own up very soon. b.t.w. fumie & kai are heading back to japan on the 25th so if you have some time, give them a call (373-9186).



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