Time For More Exploring...

Went to Wendy's for a Curry-chicken burger. Surprisingly tasty, but you won't find that flavour in Canada.

While Mark and Yuko were preparing for their nuptials at the Embassy, I got to do some solo exploration. Off to Shibuya for some 100yen Comics at: "Comix by manga no mori" (#03-5489-0257). Can't really afford the new issues, so back issues for me. Then across the street to "Mandarake", the coolest Toy store in the city. There are several branches in Tokyo and check out their site at:
Mandarake for all your Manga, anime, toys, models, etc. They often have employees dress up as Anime characters and sing Anime-Karaoke tunes. Didn't really want to haul a whole lot of crap around, so I just picked up a "Nightmare Before Christmas" alarm clock for 420¥.

Met Mark and Yuko back in Harajuku for a late lunch at "Chao! Bamboo" (03-5466-4787) and quaffed a few lagers while dining on various dishes from various Asian countries. By the way, the temperature was between 27-30 degrees and outdoor cafes were a necessity.

Yuko went off shopping and Mark & I travelled to Shinjuku to see a movie. Over 1,000,000 bodies travel through Shinjuku station in a day, so as you can imagine, getting lost is easy. We finally found the Cinema area and the only movie worth watching was "The New World". The theatre was HUGE, but alas there was NO smell-o-vision. Too bad, it might have made the film more tolerable. A Really Beautiful Movie, but it just took Sooooo long to get anywhere.

Back to Ebisu, where we found a petit Yakitori (skewered meat and chicken) restaurant. Very friendly owner who proudly showed off his autographed photo of Paul McCartney. He then let us in on the gag that it was a forgery, and of course, Sir Paul, being a vegetarian wouldn't have set foot in there!

Played some Darts in a little hole in the ground Darts-bar till bedtime and Mark kicked my butt! (I must have been getting tired.)

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