And yet another Shaft story envelops...

After dinner, my friend went home and so Ando, Yukiko and I went to Shaft for a nightcap. We got there 9:00ish, there was a HipHop/Reggae night going on and there were only about 10 people there. The first DJ was pretty good, throwing in some jazzy tunes amongst the Hippity-Hoppy and he was worth listening to. Yukiko retired to get her last train and so I remained solo. What else is there to do, but chat up some young ladies? The next DJ's set was some excellent Reggae music, but he had a partner who bellowed over the Microphone every 30 seconds, which I found intolerable. So I invited my 3 young companions to go to Karaoke. They complied and so off we went.

Tomo, Tomo and Mari and I went to a fairly cheap place that they all knew and I was VERY impressed by their vocal talent and in their choice of music! They didn't sing a single recent J-pop tune and warbled some fairly old Japanese standards as well as the obligatory Carpenters. They were all members of a Gospel group, so of course, they had to sing tunes from "Sister Act." All Gospel singers in Japan are convinced that it isn't really Gospel, unless Whoopi is involved. I did a pretty convincing duet of "Unchained Melody" with one of the Tomos, my first attempt at that tune. We stayed for extra hour and kept belting out the tunes until 3:00.

I'll probably never see them again unless they take me up on the invite to the next Echophonyk, but for ships that pass in the night, it was a pretty smooth ride.

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