Got up before 10 to checkout and woke up my sleepy-headed neighbours at Mark-Town. We wandered over to The Maple Leaf, an all-Canadian restaurant. We dined on hamburgers with back bacon, cheese dogs and poutine. I had two Bloody Caesars (like a Bloody Mary but with clamato juice, not tomato juice) but decided to stop, rather than be pissed all day. During lunch, I was emailed an update on the hockey scores (Ottawa won their series!) and went to regale the crowd of the news. NOBODY CARED! It was then that I discovered that I was the only Canuck in the place. Everyone was either American, Australian, Kiwi or Japanese. The manager was an Aussie, the cook was some odd South-Asian creation and the waiter was a Yank. (Actually considering the motley assortment of patrons, it WAS a lot like Canada.) But I should have known that they didn't bleed Maple Syrup, they were watching Boxing/Wrestling in the middle of the NHL playoffs!

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