Happy "Day Between Two Holidays" Day!

The beginning of Golden Week started last Saturday for me and after a 2 hour Shinkansen ride and checking into my Capsule Hotel, the Festivities in Tokyo began. I met Mark and his fiancee Yuko and we went for excellent Sri Lankan food at the CeylonInn and a drink or two at "Chanoma" (by the way, a "GIN LIME" is straight gin plus two wedges of lime if you're considering ordering it.) Great atmosphere here; it feels like you're in an asbestos-covered warehouse with lots of pillows.

Back to the capsule. This is slightly different from what you might imagine. It's actually quite upscale, with your own biodome-type deprivation chamber with all the snoring salarymen you might want. It has free towels, robes, TV (ALL the good channels), a sauna and an onsen-clone. The cost is only 3700¥ and is easy to find. Get off at Shibuya, exit via Hachiko, take the left-hand fork @109, go up to the top of the hill past Shibuya Mark Town (odd name and photos are verbotten.) Unfortunately, it's only for guys, so women have to make do with a real hotel or hook up with someone and go to one of the innumerable Love Hotels. Call 3464-1777 for an encapsulating time.

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