Da Vinci's Head Cold!

I saw the movie last night and quite liked it. (At least last night I did while in the company of a beautiful woman. Then I sat down to write this.)
It followed the book quite closely, but is that a good thing or not? The book is quickly paced with a cliffhanger at the end of each chapter. (Lots of exclamation marks!!! It must be dramatic!!!) The movie drags a bit in places (many places.) Tom Hanks plays a symbologist whose most symbolic when he's pretending to act (he walks through this role). Audrey Tautou plays a cryptologist, but she doesn't sport any Tattoos.(?) I DID enjoy Sir Ian McKellan as a Keeper of the Grail (rather appropriate for a knight.)

Just go see it and/or read the book to see what all the hype is about. Or don't see it and don't read the book if you don't care about the hype.

Everyone seems to be protesting this movie...the Catholics, the Muslims, the Opus Dei, the critics.
But one of the head villains is an ALBINO. Where are their protests? Why don't they get out and boycott or picket the movie? Don't they deserve their day in the sun too?

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