The Ducks Have Quacked Up!

A close game between the Oilers and the Ducks, but the mallards got deep-fried 5-4 in today's 3rd game of the Stanley Cup Semi-finals. It may be time to sweep up the remaining feathers...the Ducks are going DOWN!


Fumie said...

yo mike!

i'm giving the ducks one more game & then their out.

my pool's doing good i hear but i did come in too late so maybe u should take some points off to make it interesting

say to hi to alex!

Michael Jones said...

Yo fumie/stef
I don't think the Ducks'll make it past today.
Your pool status may change if the Oilers keep scoring. Another Canajun choose 5 Edmontonians for his pool. He may outscore us all. BTW, I'm already out of the pool, so no hope for me.


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