Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Big news. I got my hair cut yesterday. Okay, it's not that big a deal, but I was getting pretty shaggy (not shagged.) It only cost me 1000¥(10 bucks)! Men can spend anywhere from 3000-6000¥ to get their follicles pared depending on where you go and what gets done. I've gone to old men or ladies in a normal barber shop, who'll massage you, trim your ear and nose hairs and shave your forehead for about 4000¥. I've spent upwards of 5000¥ at a hairstylist who insists on gooping gel on your noggin regardless of your objections. And I have spent as little as 3300¥ at a friend who discounted me and gave me a "George Clooney" look.

But near my home is a 3:10:1000¥ salon that will give men, ladies or children (3 types) a cut in under 10 minutes. Volume, volume, volume. Churn out the victims in 10 minute spurts and, granted you do get what you pay for. No washing, massage, shaved forehead or trimmed nose hairs, but I now have a satisfactory cut at a satisfactory price. They even vacuumed my scalp for no extra charge.
Next month, I'm sure I'll go back to my buddy and get the "George Clooney" look again, but if I'm feeling pressed for time or in a cheap mood, I'll head back to the 3:10:1000!

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